My goal is to get trashed at this quince. Only wish I had brought a date so he could walk my drinks over…

My sisters keep pressuring me to invite my ex boyfriend to our cousins quince because they both have dates (and him and I are still kind of friends).

I realized how annoyed I get by him nowadays so I almost decided i wasn’t going to go at all, but fuck that. There’s an open bar like why should me 5th wheeling it ruin my night? I don’t care lol

Yesterday he let me watch him masturbate

Probably got too drunk last night. I haven’t had that much to drink in a really really really long time ugh

this is not a hickey btw #ouch

I love how I could feel his dick get harder as he choked me

Anonymous: Let's get kumas, a bottle of whiskey, and watch weird shit on the internet

Yes, pls

my summer tan looking p legit 😒
Anonymous: would you fuck a guy with a small dick? or nah

I have before. I mean if I know it’s small from the get-go, I guess not, but if I’m surprised with it, I guess I’d make the best of it

Friday I met up this this older guy in his 30s. I was pretty tired so I wasn’t really trying to have a good time; I wanted to go home to my bed.

He convinced me to stay at the bar, I got a beer in me and it started to get better (in terms of tiredness).

Well we ended up back at his place and it was probably the best thing to ever happen to me.

(I have this really fucked up scab/bruise combo on my knees from being clumsy and falling a few days prior)

he caressed me legs and hugged them, I can’t explain, it’s like he’d never seen a woman’s legs before. he kissed my knees. My disgusting, bloody knees. There was an urgency or desperation, but not the kind of desperation that comes from someone who doesn’t get sex often.

He pulled down my dress enough to see my breasts and kissed between them, lower and lower until a bit of my tattoo peeked. His face lit up “there’s a tattoo.” So he kept getting lower, exposing more and more of it. I can’t explain it, he was so interested in the visuals and the way he kissed by body wasn’t of regular lust, I told my friend it was like he was trying to soak up all my youth. eat it. kiss it up. Swallow it.

This is probably tmi for some of you, but it was like a fatherly love. Like he wanted to make sure everything was okay and make everything feel better.

I started to get bratty, messing things up on purpose, hitting, being really nasty because somehow this always happens when someone is really gentle with me, it never fucking fails.

The details are blurry, but I ended up tied up (he’s really good at bondage knots, very impressive. Also I don’t know why he has rope just hanging around, but somehow I like that). I got spanked pretty badly (my bum was still p red in the morning). It hurt, but I didn’t feel hurt. I knew why he was doing it and even when I screamed he wouldn’t let up (everyone usually does). He touched me and I calmed down a bit. He wouldn’t untie me. Then he did and he fucked me real proper.

I just want to do everything he says. I wish he would hide me away like a house pet.

So I finally got dominated guys. Just what I wanted.

He also told me I’m really good at bjs. It meant so much more coming from him.

went from age 22 to 9 in 30 mins 😒😭

Today u watched my bearded boss eat a bowl of meat 😍

This whole having 2 jobs thing is not working for me lol