Anonymous: Me

it’s easier if i know who you are, though :(

>someone be my friend

>actually, there’s a fourth (fifth?) person and I can’t believe I almost forgot him because he’s my favorite. I met him off tinder and we really only talk to each other when we’re drunk. I hung out w him like 2 weeks ago and we’re practically the same person when we’re intoxicated. We walked to his place from the bar and he slapped the energy drink out of my hand and told me I need to drink water.

>i was going to bring up a third person, but they’re turning out to be the hugest waste of time after only like 1.5 hangs. he did give me this cool pin thing, though. ugh he also turned out to be way shorter than i would have liked.

>i work right by township so after my shift, some coworkers and i went down there to visit a friend and have a few drinks. i ended up meeting some guy with a beard. he must really be into me because a day after, i was being so aggressive and a huge jerk while super drunk. i also cancelled plans on him, but he ended up visiting me at work yesterday and wanting to have drinks and see each other again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Danny, 2014

Pale Shelter (Album Version) by Tears for Fears
Anonymous: What adventures have you had recently?

i’m actually trying to write a few things now, but it’s really scattered. i decided to just post in pieces because it’s easier to remembmber and easier to read than a huge text post

Anonymous: Nudes bitch.

i feel like this could easily be alex haha

>i went to riot fest with the guy i’ve been seeing a lot. the thing is, though …i’m pretty annoyed by him now so on sunday i pretty much dodged him completely. he’s not different and nothing has changed, i just think maybe i’m no longer amused by him. only thing is, he still has some of the movies i lent him ugh. he also bought me this rly cute knife for me bday.

>i haven’t been posting in a while, but a lot has happened and i guess i’m not sure where to start. i’ll randomly mention things, i guess.

Anonymous: Hubba! Hubba!


kiss me