Fucked My Way Up To The Top by Lana Del Rey

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>I went to the zoo drunk to visit the cows at the barn. then I ate a burger.

>last night my friend told me that every time she listens to “fucked my way ip To the top” by lana, she thinks of me. emmm thank you?

Anonymous: Selfie?


Anonymous: I have a feeling he would of had a harder time holding back if those pants were not weird.

honestly the best part was looking at his face as he made these really fun faces, pretending everything was normal. sometimes he’d let out really deep breaths in order to “disguise” noises. that’s fun to me.

Anonymous: I was making a reference to you not getting that guy to cum in his pants on the train. Was it because the train ride was too short?

ohhhhh yeah, it was sort of short and his pants were kind of weird so i couldn’t really rub it the right way / how i wanted. i could tell he was also trying rly hard not to (which i was p into).

Anonymous: do you ever come out to NYC?

i’ve been meaning to, but idk i don’t really have friends or anyone to hang out w over there and i don’t really want to do the touristy stuff anymore, if you get my drift.