>also need to stop taking my job up on the “free drinks after your shift” offer.

>finding an apartment is so annoying i almost forgot.

Polaroid / Roman / Photo by Ruth

>the other day someone actually told me my sternum tattoo was like a landing strip for their dick. Like, they thought that was a sexy thing to say

>My goal is to get trashed at this quince. Only wish I had brought a date so he could walk my drinks over…

>My sisters keep pressuring me to invite my ex boyfriend to our cousins quince because they both have dates (and him and I are still kind of friends).

I realized how annoyed I get by him nowadays so I almost decided i wasn’t going to go at all, but fuck that. There’s an open bar like why should me 5th wheeling it ruin my night? I don’t care lol

>Yesterday he let me watch him masturbate

>Probably got too drunk last night. I haven’t had that much to drink in a really really really long time ugh

this is not a hickey btw #ouch

I love how I could feel his dick get harder as he choked me

Anonymous: Let's get kumas, a bottle of whiskey, and watch weird shit on the internet

Yes, pls

my summer tan looking p legit 😒
Anonymous: would you fuck a guy with a small dick? or nah

I have before. I mean if I know it’s small from the get-go, I guess not, but if I’m surprised with it, I guess I’d make the best of it