Anonymous: Probably wasn't good that's why

lol maybe. Damn I was honestly looking forward to morning sex

>I literally just fucked this guy and now he’s in his living room texting

Anonymous: You can't be all that terrible to your body. You haven't been with me yet!

ehhhhhhhhhh I’d probably make that mistake too

>last night I got really high and ran really fast to the bus stop while smoking a cigarette. my bus driver was impressed. I also found a dead cat in humbolt park.

>dating isn’t even fulfilling lol what am I even doing

kiss my knees

>i keep trying to take cute pictures of my butt, but this lighting isn’t really working for me

>the other day i went to township to have a drink with the guy who visited me at work (apparently he does this thing where he sticks his head in through the restaurant i work at’s window and asks for me) and i ended up having sex with him which wasn’t even worth it lol he also kept grabbing my boobs all night while i was trying to sleep. so annoying. i don’t really need to see this person again. his cat was super cute and loved me, though

>unfortunately, i’m back to being terrible to my body. i haven’t been eating very well, i drink a lot (at least not every day anymore, though), i smoke more. the other day i was walking to the train from work and i thought i was gonna vomit, but i still managed to smoke 2 cigarettes which were making me pretty sick *sigh*

The Drifter by The Gnar Wave Rangers


Black Sap Scriptures by Plague Vendor